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Niko Niko's World Championship Gyro Eating Contest

Greek Gyro Eating Contest

Greek Gyro Eating Contest in Houston, TX

Starts: 2:00pm Sunday, May 18th

Who will hold the 2014 Niko Niko’s World Gyro-Eating Championship title? Will it be last year’s winner Joey Chestnut who ate 21 Niko Niko’s gyros in only 10 minutes? Will former champ Pat Bertoletti step up to the plate and reclaim his winning status? Or is rookie Ben Monson hungry enough to surprise us all?

Houston’s Food Festival Gyro-Eating Contest On Sunday afternoon on May 18th 2014, eaters from all over will face a plate full of delicious Niko Niko’s gyros and fierce competition. Hungry competitors will eat gyro after gyro to beat previous gyro-eating records and claim the winning title. Niko Niko’s Greek and American Café is offering $4,000 in prize money. First place will win $2,000, second place will win $1,000, third place will win $700 and fourth place will win $300.


Last Year’s Battle Defending champ Pat Bertoletti was surprised when Joey Chestnut took down 21 gyros in 10 minutes. Tying Bertoletti’s 2009 gyro eating record, winner Chestnut stole the championship title. Bertoletti was one gyro behind and came in second place by eating 20 gyros in 10 minutes. Rival Bob Shoudt took third place with 16.5 gyros, Ben Monson landed fourth place with 16 eaten gyros, and “The Mad Greek” Chris Abatsas didn’t give up as he ate 8.5 gyros.


Cheer on Bertoletti or root for Chestnut at this year’s Greek gyro-eating contest in Houston, TX. Families in Katy, Cypress, Sealy, Sugarland, Bellaire, Missouri City, Stafford, Humble and West University can’t miss out!















1100 Eldridge Parkway
Houston TX, 77077

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